Sunday, 12 September 2010

A further appeal for information...

While reading Nick Redfern's massively entertaining Three Men Seeking Monsters, my interest was piqued by a report of sightings of a family of Bigfoot type creatures in the Falkland area of Fife. It also mentioned the area was rich in werewolf legends. It cited the source as cryptozoologist Mark Fraser of Big Cats In Britain, so I dropped him an email to see if he could give me any more information on the source of these tales. Unfortunately, all he really knew was what was in the book (and mentioned on various websites), and that the stories were vague rumours, the source of which is unknown.
Funnily enough, I've always thought the area looked like it should have a werewolf- it's a picturesque village, nestling under some steep wooded hills like something out of a Hammer film, it's practically crying out for a strange creature to be lurking in the woods!
I've had a hunt around on the internet and in various books, but I also can't locate any werewolf legends (they're not common in the UK, especially Scotland). The general area is rich in big cat sightings, but I can't draw up much more than that, which obviously makes the tales suspect. However, again, if anyone reading this can furnish some firmer details, I'd be very interested.

On the general subject of Bigfoot like creatures in the UK, Nick Redfern runs a blog devoted to the subject: Man-beast UK. I'm very much looking forward to his book on this fascinating but problematic phenomena.

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